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Based in Hong Kong as a food innovator company, our philosophy is to promote high quality, healthy and nourishing food.

This includes Low Carb/Low Sugar foods and SuperFood as an alternative to highly processed foods.

Through our partnership with Chosen Foods LLC, the #1 global supplier of avocado oil, we strive to make it a step closer to reality by promoting certified Non-GMO and, whenever possible, organic products to mainstream consumers.

Chosen Foods® Products availability have surpassed 40,000 unique distribution channels throughout USA/Canada/worldwide, including major US retailers.

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  • Limited Time Offer

    Chosen Foods® 100% Pure Avocado Oil
    750ml Bottle (NEW!!!)


    ✓ HK$118.00 (savings of HK$70.00)
    (About HK$78.00 per 500ml equivalent)

New Arrival

Original Spray +
Infused Avocado Oil Sprays

Special edition infused oils that are wonderfully
pleasing to one's palate.
It's irresistibly delicious with each bite releasing
an explosion of flavours!
A Must Try!   Tasting is Believing!

✓ HK$48.00 to HK$68.00
(Limited Quantity)
(Get it while supplies last)

Ideal for Stir-Fry / Air Fryer / Salads / Pasta / Grilled Toast / Bread Dip

The Goodness of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

✓  Highest Smoke Point (500°F / 260°C) …without releasing toxic free radicals / compounds

✓  High Monounsaturated Fat (Known to increase Good Cholesterol HDL)

High Betasitosterol  (Known to decrease Bad Cholesterol LDL)

✓ 15 / 30 Avocados extracted in 500ml /1L bottle

✓ Ideal for All types of cooking: Deep Fry, Stir-fry, Grilling, BBQ etc.

✓ High Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

✓ High Oleic Acid 

Chosen Foods Avocados are Never Sprayed and Free of Chemicals and Pesticides

Cooking with Avocado Oil

Our smooth avocado oil can handle the heat and pressure

How much do you know about cooking oil?

For example, why dark bottle is better than clear bottle to store oil? Or why plastic bottle is not recommended?
For more info, check our FAQ page.

Chosen Foods® Popularity

Chosen Foods® products are featured at more than 40+ USA / Canada’s biggest branded supermarkets such as Walmart®, WholeFoods®, Costco®, Loblaws®, etc.

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