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Did you know that every bottle of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is meticulously tested for quality before reaching your home?

Our industry leading oil verification test measures the fatty acid profile and nutrient density to ensure your avocado oil is pure and fresh.

All the Chosen Foods 134g, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, etc. format are suitable for cooking and salads.

Chosen Foods’ unique, gentle refinement system preserves the Vitamin E and antioxidant Beta-sitosterol while creating a mild flavour well suited for everyday cooking.

After the avocados are grown, they are sorted and cleaned.  The seed and skin of the avocados are then separated from the pulp and expeller pressed to create a highly aromatic and flavourful virgin avocado oil.

To create a mild neutral flavour, after cold pressed, resulting avocado oil is naturally expelled to remove any fragrance, chlorophyll, waxes, and sediments.

Dark colour bottle minimizes oil from going rancid/oxidized (i.e. spoiled).

This is due to minimal direct light passing through the dark glass.

According to a 2017 Hong Kong Consumer Council Report:
46 samples of cooking oil on sale in Hong Kong contained cancer-causing substance in tests.

City’s consumer watchdog tested 60 types of oil and found 46 with toxic carcinogen glycidol, for which there are no safe levels.

Source: Hong Kong Consumer Council 2017

Refund & Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return unopened products in the original packaging within 14 days of your purchase with receipt or proof of purchase for a refund.

If 14 days or more have passed since your purchase date, we are sorry and would not be able to offer you a refund.  

Terms and Conditions
Please note carefully the following terms and conditions to our Refund and Return policy:

Item Conditions
Returned items must must be in its original state (i.e. completely sealed, unopened and not tampered with).

Shipping Fees
The customer is responsible for shipping back the returned items and agrees to pay the shipping fees for returning the products to our business location.  Specific address of where to return the refunded items would be given after receiving email request for refund.

Exclusions for Refund & Return
The following are exclusions for non-refundable purchased items:
-Sale & Discounted items are final and cannot be refunded/returned.
-Opened/Unsealed/Tampered Items are not refundable and not returnable.

How to start your refund request
To initiate a return or exchange, please complete the following steps:

Kindly send us an email at with a copy of your order/invoice for refund processing and please identify the requested product(s) for refund.

Refund Processing time
Normally, it may take up to 21 days to process your refund after receiving the returned products.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we process your refund.  It takes a bit coordination between logistics, warehousing, and accounting areas to ensure all are in order. 

In accordance to the above terms and conditions, the management reserves its full discretion for approving or rejecting refund requests.  

Shipping Policy
For orders that qualify for Free Delivery, our shipping policy is such that we offer Only One Free delivery per order.

Pre-Ordered Items

Should your order include pre-ordered items + currently available items, please note that all the items on that order will be delivered together until such time when the pre-ordered items become available for shipment.

We sincerely apologize for not being able to handle partial free deliveries due to costly glass bottle/jar handling charges and transportation charges involved. 

However, while we would want our customers to have their ordered items at the quickest possible time, should our customers be willing to pay for any partial delivery, we would be happy to ship such items at their expenses.  Simply contact us via the checkout's "Order notes" and advise us of such arrangement.

We thank you for your kind understanding.

Delivery Charges

We endeavour to provide quick delivery + shipping almost at below cost ( as per HK Post rates) to our customers.

We invite you to check our shipping charges below so that you know what you are paying for.

In addition, for your convenience, you can find the weight (kg) of each product on our main product page.

When can I expect to receive the order?
Normally, if we receive your order confirmation before 12 pm on any business working day, you can expect to receive the order on the next business working day.  

If an order is placed on a weekend, you can expect delivery on the next 2nd business day (e.g. on the following Tuesday assuming both Monday and Tuesday are business working days).

Unforeseen activities (e.g. typhoon weather, black rain, unable to reach recipient) may affect delivery.  Under such circumstances, please expect delays in receiving your products.

Price based rates:
For orders HK$325.00 or more: Delivery Fees: HK$0.00 (Free)


Weight based rates:
0.01 - 1.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$25.00
1.01 - 2.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$35.00
2.01 - 3.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$45.00
3.01 - 4.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$70.00
4.01 - 5.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$80.00
2.01 - 3.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$45.00
3.01 - 4.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$70.00
4.01 - 5.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$80.00
5.01 - 6.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$95.00
6.01 - 7.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$105.00
7.01 - 8.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$115.00
8.01 - 9.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$125.00
9.01 - 10.0 Kg : Delivery Fees: HK$135.00

User's Privacy Policy

Maintaining user's privacy is at the core of our business philosophies in order to ensure customers' trust.

Please rest assured that we do not share nor sell customers data to third-party entities.

Should any customer wish to unsubscribe to our newsletters and promotional campaigns, kindly email to us at with "subject: Unsubscribe".

Please allow for up to 5 days for the unsubscribe to take effect.

Thank you!