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Chosen Foods® Vegan Mayo (100% Pure Avocado Oil) - 355ml

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Chosen Foods®  Vegan Mayo (100% Pure Avocado Oil)

- Aquafaba (liquid broth of garbanzo beans) 

- Egg Free / Dairy Free / Gluten Free

- Soy & Canola Oil Free / Glyphosate Pesticide Free

- High Mono-unsaturated fat and Anti-oxidants.

- Creamy and Plant-based spread.

- Perfect for sandwiches, pasta salads, creamy dips or dressings, and much more. 

The aquafaba water absorbs proteins and starches from the beans, becoming more viscous along the way.  Its viscosity is similar to that of eggs and egg whites, making Aquafaba the perfect egg substitute.

 (Approx. Net Weight: 0.585 kg)