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Chosen Foods® Wasabi Mayonnaise (100% Pure Avocado Oil) - 355ml

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Chosen Foods®  Wasabi Mayonnaise (100% Pure Avocado Oil)

Our Wasabi Avocado Oil Mayo has a clean ingredient profile, and is approved by Paleo & Primal diets. Non-GMO verified, dairy free, naturally gluten-free, and free from soybean & canola oil.

Wasabi adds a fiery flavour to our traditional Avocado Oil Mayo. Spread it on grilled seafood, steak and sushi to turn up the heat.

A perfect blend of Pure Avocado Oil & Organic Cage-Free Chicken Eggs & Other Organic Ingredients

Creamy and Dense Texture

 (Approx. Net Weight: 0.35 kg)